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Replica Omega Watches-Constellation series Ladies quartz watch [ad44] [5950 

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Replica Omega Watches-Constellation series Ladies quartz watch [ad44] [5950 ] - $234.00 : Professional Replica Omega Watches Store, fakeomegewatches.com

Replica Omega Watches-Constellation series Ladies quartz watch [ad44]

Replica Omega Watches-Constellation series Ladies quartz watch [ad44]

$17,684.00  $234.00
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Quartz precision movement

Movement Type

Omega 1376


18Kt gold , steel







Bottom of the table


Table Mirror

Sapphire crystal glass


White mother of pearl


Between gold chain belt

Strap Color

Gold, silver


Folding clasp


100 m


Jingmeilihe , warranty cards, brochures, etc.



Release Year


[Brand Story ]

In 1848, the birth of the Swiss Confederation , Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) and La Chaux-de -Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds) began to watch assembly work . In 1880, Louis Brandt 's sons Louis-Paul and Csar will plant relocation to adequate manpower, abundant resources and convenient transportation , Bill (Bienne) region . Since then, the use of mechanized production, unified specification parts , and the introduction of the new division of labor system assembly work , put the system out precise and accurate , high quality and affordable watches .

19 world-famous Omega Order movement in 1894 after the launch , it has not only become a symbol of excellence , the company also named " Omega ." Since that time , Omega with its advanced watchmaking technology, becoming a pioneer in the watch industry one hundred and fifty years . Hundred and fifty years since , OMEGA firmly in the vanguard position in the world of watchmaking , laid a remarkable achievement.

In 1900, the Paris World's Fair . Under the Eiffel Tower , the Omega series of its outstanding performance models received the highest honor awarded by the International Committee of assessment , the fame of the Greek temple (Greek Temple) carved table is one of pure gold .

In sports, the Omega is the Olympic Games ( including requiring extremely accurate and swimming competitions projects ) and in the United States , Canada, Australia, Japan , held auto racing -team tournament (CART) specified timing devices. In terms of technology and design , Omega only has numerous accurate records, and excellent design , pioneered a number of technologies, such as the manufacturing center of the world 's first tourbillon watch .

Omega World , only superior quality watches before being displayed at more than one hundred thirty countries , senior windows . Celebrity multi- table this proud American supermodel Cindy Crawford (Cindy Crawford), 007 Pierce Brosnan (Pierce Brosnan), Schumacher Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher) and Swiss tennis princess Mary Tina Hingis (Martina Hingis) were chosen to wear the Omega .

  • Model: 5950 

omega watches on sale

omega watches replica

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